Since its opening, Galleria Michela Cattai has focused on the study, research and selection of works of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design by some of the most important artists and designers of the twentieth century and brought them together under one roof.

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Pietro Chiesa


Pietro Chiesa started his training with the painter and furniture maker Giovan Battista Gianotti. In 1921 Pietro Chiesa had already opened his shop in Milan under the name “Bottega di Pietro Chiesa S.A”, which specialised in the creation of lead mirrors. His following works were solo or with other artists.
In the beginning of the 1920s he participated in the Biennalle in Monza, Biennale in Venice,l’Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the expositions in Cologne and Barcelona.
In 1923 he created “Il Labirinto”, artistic association which promoted applied art, together with Tomaso Buzzi, Emilio Lancia, Michele Marelli, Gio Ponti, Paolo Venini and Carla Viscount of Modrone.
In 1925 Pietro Chiesa collaborated with Gustavo Pulitzer for stained glass production for the luxury transatlanics Saturnia, Vulcania, Conte Grande and Conte di Savoia. In 1930 he specialised in creating lamps with opaque and frosted glass. He participated at the IV Trenniale in Monza in 1930 exhibiting stained glass and mirrors in sandblasted glass. In the 1932 he presented at the XVII Biennale in Venice.
1933 was the decisive year in his career, Luigi Fontana & C. noticed Pietro Chiesa’s shop, giving birth to Fontana Arte. At the time, Pietro Chiesa would alternate the artistic direction of the company with Gio Ponti, designing a thousand prototypes for the production of a limited series of different objects (objects in glass, stained glass, mirrors, furniture and lighting). Some of these pieces have entered the history of design.
In 1945, Pietro Chiesa retired from his work as a designer.

Galleria Michela Cattai is available to value and purchase pieces designed by Pietro Chiesa and Fontana Arte