Since its opening, Galleria Michela Cattai has focused on the study, research and selection of works of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design by some of the most important artists and designers of the twentieth century and brought them together under one roof.

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Tiziana Priori


Tiziana Priori was born in Cremona into a family of artists, being educted at the Accademia di Brera under the guidance of Alik Cavaliere. Her artistic research has led to deepen the relationship between the arts, psychology and spiritualiy through abstract expressions in which color plays a central role. Studies on Gustav Jung, Milton Erickson, oriental philosophy and experiences of meditations have shaped her journey. In her artistic language she utilizes materials like iron, wood, resins, marble that opposed to the delicacy of handmade paper, painted in acrylic in an alchemical game of contrast, looks for a painting that converses with dimensionality. In the last years she dedicated herself to installations and experimentations between the digital arts, video and ambient art. Tiziana Priori lives and works in Milan. Her works are both part of private collections as well as museums in and outside of Italy. She is a protagonist in various personal exhibtions and collectives; amongst which are the following:

2005 “Padiglione Italia” collective Chiesa di San Gallo, curated by Philippe Daverio, Event outside Biennale Venezia.
2007 “Camera 312” collective, Milan Art Center, LII Biennale di Venezia.
2008 Personal:”Trasparenze”, Galleria Blanchaert, Milano.
2008 Collective “Omaggio a Jean Cocteau” curated by Mauro Carrera, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milano.
2009 Personal “Phrònesis”, installations by Giardino Calderini, outside Salone del Mobile, Milano.
2009 Personal “La doppia elica della vita” Spazio Guicciardini, Milano.
2009 “Tutte le cose sono collegate” permanent installation, curated by Grazia e Gianni Bolongaro, Museo La Marrana, Montemarcello, La Spezia.
2010 Personal “Sophia” curated by Piluso, fuori salone del Mobile, Museo Diocesano Milano.
2010 Personal “Sophrosyne” curted by Piluso, fuori salone , Istituto dei Ciechi, Milano.
2011 Collective “Padiglione Tibet” curated by R. Maggi, side event of the LIV Biennale di Venezia.
2011 Personae “Sapientia” curated by Jean Blanchaert, galleria Blanchaert, Milano.
2013 Personal “Vidya” curated by Silvia Agliotti, galleria “gli eroici furori”, Milano.
2014 Collective “Non di solo pane”, curated by Susanna Vallebona, spazio Oberdan, Milano.
2014 Personal “Allo stato puro” curated by Sara Fontana, Palazzo della Permanente, Milano.
2014 Personal “Meditazione per Gea” curated by V. Rosa, Museo Diotti, Casalmaggiore, Cremona.
2015 Collective “Pagine di Pane”, curated by Susanna Vallebona, Biblioteca Braidense, Milano.
2016 Collective “Chanukka”, curated by Elio Carmi, Museo dei lumi di Casale Monferrato
2016-2017 Collective “oggetto libro” curated by Susanna Vallebona, La Cavallerizza, Milano- Istituto Europeo del Design, Firenze, Mediateca, Milano, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.
2017 Collective “Padiglione Tibet” curated by R. Maggi, side event of the LVII Biennale di Venezia

Museums and Collections: Mim Museo in Motion, curated by Roberta Castellani, San Pietro al Cerro, Piacenza – La Marrana, Museo di arte ambientale, curated by Grazia e Gianni Bolongaro, Montemarcello, La Spezia – Museo Diotti, curated by Valter Rosa, Casalmaggiore Cremona – Museo dei Lumi, collezione Channukkah curated by Elio Carmi, Casale Monferrato – Collezione Uroburo, , curated by Mauro Carrera, Archivio di Stato, Parma – 13×17 collezione Mambo curated by Philippe Daverio, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Bologna – Fondazione Boiron curated by Bianucci Cinelli, Milano – Fondazione Padiglione Tibet, curated by Ruggero Maggi, Venezia –