Since its opening, Galleria Michela Cattai has focused on the study, research and selection of works of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design by some of the most important artists and designers of the twentieth century and brought them together under one roof.

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Enzo Cacciola


Enzo Cacciola was born in Arenzano in 1945. Galleria La Bertesca in Genua, organized his first solo exhibition in 1971 and the artist in 1973 started to confront himself with different supports other than the oil on canvas. He took part of an exhibition set at the german headquarter of Galleria La Bertesca, where he presented his first works mabe by concrete. Enzo Cacciola participated at Documenta 6, the manifestation held in Kassel, place in which he reflected on his work in a deeper abstract meaning. He has had the chance to defy with characterics belonged to Transavanguardia artistic movement,thanks to his presence to the exhibition curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, such as the transfiguration, aspect that the artist is capable of providing more conceptually. In 1985 he deepens his support research, in order to come back again to conceptual painting using concrete, geometrical shapes, learnings from his Transavanguardia experience, during the early years of the Twentieth-century. Enzo Cacciola now uses new materials availed in industries.