Since its opening, Galleria Michela Cattai has focused on the study, research and selection of works of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design by some of the most important artists and designers of the twentieth century and brought them together under one roof.

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Archimede Seguso


Archimede Seguso was one of the most important Venetian glass masters throughout Italy and Venice. His training was complee when the artists was still very young, in his father’s furnace, which in 1933 became Soffieria Barovier Seguso & Ferro Vetri d’Arte (the company which would lead glass art in the following years). In this period, Archimede Seguso specialised in the neonatal processing of heavy glass, developing mythical sculptures (among them, the famous pieces depicting animals, boxer statue ‘Primo Carnera’, a portrait of his future wife ‘Zodiac’). In 1946 Archimede Seguso created his own foundry, la Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso. Here many pieces of lighting were created which later found themselves in theatres, hotels, churches, cinema, public offices. The distribution was entrusted to Alberto Sciolari. In his company kicked off a series of experiments: the use of ancient blowing techniques and deepening the study of colour, defining the important of the chrome aspect in his research. In the 1950s, Archimede Seguso exhibited his fine watermark, ‘Sommersi’, laces and bands interwoven. It has an esthetic that joins traditional venetian glasswork with a more modern taste. At the end of he 1960s, the lamps were composed of more elements whilst in the early 70s, the ‘Optical’ arrived. Later, Archimede Seguso would turn to sculpture (‘Testa di donna dormiente’, ‘Donna dormiente seduta su uno scanno’, ‘Doppia eclissi’ and others). During his career he participated in a group works at numerous Biennali (from 1936 to 1972) and at the exposition at the Triennali in Milan and Liegi. In 1982 many of his sculptures were present in the works ‘Mille anni del vetro a Venezia’, at Palazzo Grassi and at Museo Correr. In 1989 Tiffany & Co hosted his personal works, whilst in 1991, Palazzo Ducale in Venice inaugurated ‘I Vetri di Archimede Seguso’. La Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso is still active in the production of quality glass.

Galleria Michela Cattai is available to value and purchase collections by Archimede Seguso and by La Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso.